Allen Baptist Church exists to carry out the Great Commandments (Matthew 22: 37-39) and Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20) of our Lord Jesus Christ.






Allen Baptist on TV.               

2:00-3:00pm, Sundays

Gearheart Comm. Channel 5

Foothills Cable Channel 34




Allen Baptist Church will seek to accomplish the following tasks:


  1. Worship: Lead people to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

  2. Ministry: Lead people to love their neighbour as themselves.

  3. Evangelism: Lead people to make disciples.

  4. Missions: Lead people to make disciples of all nations.

  5. Discipleship: Lead people to do all things that Christ has commanded.

  6. Fellowship: Lead people to identify with Christ and His Church through baptism.





 Remember to check our calendar and our "Upcoming Events" page so that you can be a part of any activity or ministry of your choice