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Facility Cleaning Assignments

Bldg #1 --Education Building     

Areas to be Cleaned     Cleaned by:

From front door entry:  

Tile & Carpeted Hallway Faye Click

Room 103 Sunday Sch. Office    Mary Ann Hall

Room 104 Sunday Sch. Room    Tom & Vicki Daniels

Treasurer's Office         Jack Tackett

Jody's Office     Jody Conley

Pastor Tim's Study        Pastor Tim 

Fellowship Hall A          Carol Jo May

Fellowship Hall B          Carol Jo May

Storage Room   Mary Ann Hall & Cathy Goble

 Room 105 Bible Study classroom         Jeff Trimble

Narrow Tiled & Carpeted Hallway         Chris Hecker

Room 106 Bible Study Room     Jeff Trimble

Room 106 Bible Study Room     James & Cathy Goble & Kitchen Crew

Room 107 Bible Study Room     Jeff Trimble

Kitchen James & Cathy Goble & Kitchen Crew

Men's Bathroom           Belinda Martin

Women's Bathroom      Belinda Martin

Dining Area #1  James & Cathy Goble & Kitchen Crew

Dining Area #2  James & Cathy Goble & Kitchen Crew

Room 109 Sunday Sch. Room    Chris Hecker & Julie Keathley

Small Bathroom Chris Hecker & Julie Keathley

Exterior of Building #1  B & G Team & Ernie & Traci Tackett



Bldg. #2 -- Sanctuary Building    

First Floor Areas to be Cleaned  

From front door entry:  

Tile in Entry & Vestibule Area    Renee Hall, Lois Marshall, Noel Chandler

Carpeted Hallway Right Carol Jo May

Women's Bathroom      Sherry Dingus

Nursery #1       Thursa Sloan

Nursery #2       Thursa Sloan

Carpeted Hallway Left  Carol Jo May

Men's Bathroom           Carol Jo May

Classroom #1    Linda & Rhonda Burchett

Classroom #2 & attached Bathroom      Philip, Cindy, & Lexie Hitchcock

Sanctuary Section #1    Becky Watts

Sanctuary Section #2    Gordon McKee

Sanctuary Section #3    Liz Barnette & Carol Holbrook

Sanctuary Section #4    Josh & Tasha McWherter and Girls

Stage    Sherry Tackett

Choir Room      Carol Jo May

Right Exit Area on Far Right Side Becky Watts

Prayer Room    Scott Williams

Left Exit Area on Far Left Side    Scott Williams

Back-stage Bathroom    Carol Jo May

Men's Baptismal Dressing Area  Carol Jo May

Baptismal Pool & Area  Carol Jo May

Back Hallway    Carol Jo May

Women's Baptismal Dressing Area         Carol Jo May

Second Floor Areas to be Cleaned:        

Hallway at Top Landing of Stairs Shannon Blackburn

Classroom #1    Shannon Blackburn

Classroom #2    Shannon Blackburn

Sound Booth Area, incl. Video Room     Shannon Blackburn

Exterior of Building #2  B & G Team & Ernie & Traci Tackett

Alternate Cleaners - Susan Barnett and Donna Reitz       





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